21 Benefits of an Uncluttered Home

Most of us don’t enjoy living in a messy, cluttered home environment. It’s emotionally draining. But did you realize that a lot of clutter can be harmful to our health in a variety of ways?

There are lots of benefits to living in a clutter-free home that may surprise you. But you don’t have to become a minimalist to experience them. Let’s see what we may be missing out on if we live in a cluttered, messy home.

21 benefits of living with less clutter

There are so many good things that happen when we embrace a decluttered lifestyle. 

6 physical health benefits

  1. Fewer allergies to dust, mold, cockroach feces, rodents
  2. Less risk of asthma and respiratory distress
  3. Improved immune function
  4. Better sleep
  5. Lower fire risk
  6. Lower risk of falling and tripping over piles of things on the floor
  7. More energy
  8. Less risk of young children getting into something dangerous
  9. Better diet because the kitchen is ready for cooking and the table is cleared off and ready for the family

Pests are attracted to stacks of papers, clutter, spills, empty food containers, cardboard, and food hidden behind and under things. When you get all the unnecessary things up off of the floor, it is much easier to keep things clean and healthy for everyone.

Your lungs and sinuses will feel better, especially if you are sensitive to dust, mold, and other allergens that cling to clutter. Your children will be safer with fewer things to get into. Elderly adults in the home will be less likely to trip and fall and break something. Everyone may be able to sleep better.

6 mental health benefits

  1. Greater peace
  2. Increased confidence
  3. Less stress and anxiety
  4. Better social life
  5. Better ability to focus
  6. Greater sense of fulfillment

When you have things put away and picked up and clean surfaces, it gives your soul room to breathe and just feels peaceful. When your home is in order and tidy, you may just find you have a lot more motivation and energy to tackle other things in life and you may feel like you are not so distracted, discouraged, or overwhelmed. If things are very messy or disorganized, it can be mentally and emotionally oppressive for many people.

2 relationship benefits

  1. Less arguing with family members over the mess
  2. Greater willingness to invite friends over to spend time together

You may also feel proud to have friends and guests come over and visit instead of feeling embarrassed about the mess. And you might find you have fewer arguments about the mess around the house and how hard it is to find things.

4 general life benefits

  1. More time
  2. More space
  3. More money
  4. More attractive living space

All of us want more of certain things in life. We all love to save time, have more money, and have more space in our homes. When everything is put away properly and organized well, you don’t have to waste 30 minutes every day frantically searching for things. Everything is in its place and you can find what you need quickly.

You may also find that you spend less money on things coming into the house because when the house looks beautiful and guest-ready you’ll think more carefully about whether you need more items before you buy them. And you won’t have to waste money on buying duplicate items because you can find what you need when you need it.

South Carolina Custom Home Living Room

Clutter-Busting Solutions

There are many reasons why we have clutter. It’s important to figure out the root cause if we are struggling with it a lot. Depending on the issue, there are a variety of approaches we can take to tame clutter so we can enjoy all the benefits of clutter-free living.

6 clutter-cutting Ideas:

  1. A Saturday set aside to declutter your home
  2. Cut back on buying so many things or bringing more things into the house.
  3. Donate things that you aren’t using to people who are in need.
  4. Get rid of anything that is trash.
  5. Add more space to your house.
  6. Buy a bigger home.

If the problem is that you have outgrown your home and need a bigger home with more storage, a custom home can be a great solution to the clutter battle. Buying a bigger house can give you more rooms and more space for the furniture and hobbies that your family loves. But a larger home, without purposeful design for your family’s needs, may not take care of the primary issues.

A custom home won’t clean itself. And it certainly won’t force you into minimalism of any degree. But if it is designed well, you can provide plenty of storage that your family needs so that you have a place for all the things that are important to you. This makes it infinitely easier to keep your living spaces neat, organized, and beautiful.

Imagine trading a cramped, disorganized home for a beautiful custom home that is perfectly designed to make it easier to keep neat and organized!

As you think about your dream home, don’t forget the health benefits of decluttering in your design. There are countless options for creative, beautiful storage ideas today. Talk with your custom builder about what might be the best fit for your family.


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