Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend deciding where you want to live, and understanding what your true max budget is.

You may wish to start with a financial advisor to determine a realistic budget based on your income to debt ratio. There are many online mortgage calculators, but we do recommend avoiding ones that ask for your email address — unless you want more spam email.

Because different features of the land can affect the budget significantly we do recommend having a lot before designing your home, but we can help with that! Contact us before you buy and we can make sure everything goes smoothly. 

We typically work on a 6 month schedule for crawl space homes, and a 9 month schedule for basement homes. Those timelines can extend based on the size of the home. 

We use an app called BuilderTrend to monitor our schedule and keep everyone on the same page. As a home-owner you can follow along and even see progress photos as they are loaded.

The short answer is most likely, YES. However, there can be property features that affect whether or not your plan will work on your property. In most cases we are able to make the necessary adjustments, BUT before a definitive answer can be given we would have to evaluate both the plan and the lot for compatibility. 

It starts with our questionnaire in the design process where we learn your vision and desired level of finishes for selectable items. Based on your vision, we create a budget of allowances for selections. Then, once we are under contract, we set up appointments with all of our vendors in-house designers to help make selection decisions. 

We try to get your selections made within the first couple of months after signing the contract, but we do understand that sometimes you need more time, so, we prioritize items by needed importance to keep things on schedule.

We will have multiple scheduled walk-throughs and on site meetings at safe times in construction to get your input throughout. You can also set up additional visits, but we do ask that it be during business hours and with a Blythe representative.

Yes, but we do have qualification requirements. Contact us for more information.

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