7 Reasons to Invest in an Amazing Luxury Pool for Your Custom Home

This year, homeowners want to invest in luxury swimming pools for their custom homes more than ever before. They don’t just want to swim laps, they want an oasis, a private retreat from the world.

Having your own custom pool and spa can provide ways to relax, let everyone in the family get some exercise, and create an atmosphere of a resort or vacation right in your backyard.

Why should you include a custom inground pool with your luxury custom home?

1. Physical and mental health benefits

Custom swimming pools provide a convenient option for exercise and fitness for the entire family. No worries about driving to the gym, traffic, or fitting in enough time for a workout.

A custom pool installation can be large enough for swimming laps. It provides the best cardio workout without creating stress on the joints.

You also get to enjoy the sanitation you can monitor for your own pool. You don’t have to depend on someone else to keep the pool clean enough for your family.

Or choose a saltwater pool for the benefits to your family’s eyes, hair, and skin. If you have allergies or asthma issues, you also don’t have to worry about breathing issues like you would with heavily chlorinated pools.

Sitting beside the pool and enjoy nature also helps reduce your mental stress and gives you plenty of vitamin D to boost your immune system and your mood.

2. Unparalleled privacy

A home pool is a great investment, too, because you don’t have to share it with the public, with neighbors, or random strangers. You get to decide who comes to your pool. You can share it with friends and family or sometimes just keep it to yourself for the ultimate in privacy.

Freeform Pool Patio Backyard Home Builder Sc

3. An abundance of relaxation opportunities

A swimming pool with a hot tub provides year-round access to relaxation. Your day may have been stressful at work (or at home), but you can let your cares melt away as you swim in the pool or enjoy the massage of your hot tub jets on your tense muscles.

4. Social benefits

Custom pools provide enormous social benefits to you and your family. They are the ideal place for friends and family to gather for pool parties, celebrations, games, and fun.

When you have a beautiful luxury house with a pool, your home can be party central any time you like. No worries about feeling socially isolated unless you choose to be.

Outdoor gatherings are more popular than ever. Why not also include an outdoor kitchen and a custom fire pit area so your friends and family can enjoy s’mores and make cherished memories under the stars.

luxury swimming pool with custom waterfall feature

5. Stunning custom features

Even if you are not physically outside or in the pool, luxury pools with waterfalls (as pictured in our home above) or other amenities provide a stunning view to enjoy from inside your home or on the deck or back porch, as well.

You can choose custom features like natural-looking waterfalls, a lagoon, fountains, lazy rivers, or other water features that boost your home’s value and backyard appeal.

Consider a custom-shaped pool with river rocks, a custom concrete pool, or even a custom mosaic along the bottom or sides of your luxury pool.

Don’t forget custom pool slides to keep the kids (and kids at heart) entertained and active for hours. And you may enjoy a luxury pool house beside the pool to provide a bar, kitchen, seating, restroom facilities, showers, and changing area.

6. Add value to your home

A luxury inground pool can add value to your home when you want to sell your home. High-end materials draw discerning home buyers and boost your home’s appeal.

With thoughtful planning and building, luxury pool designs are always in style. You can expect to recoup a great deal of the cost of a luxury pool at resale.

7. Control over the design

When you have a custom pool designed, you have total creative license and control to build exactly what you and your family want and need. You aren’t limited to standard fiberglass inground pools or pools with vinyl pool liners.

You can design a luxury backyard pool paradise that will be the neighborhood hotspot.

custom luxury pool and spa

Ready to build a custom pool design for your new custom home in Lexington, SC?

At Blythe Building Company, we build luxury homes in Lexington, SC (like in the popular Saluda River Club) and all over the greater Columbia, SC area. We can help you turn your dream home into reality.

Many of our homes feature custom pool designs from luxury pool builders. We have great connections with pool companies in this area and would love to work with you to help you build the home and backyard paradise of your dreams.


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