Published: Apr 28, 2021 | Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Custom Decks: 15 Popular Deck Design Ideas

Dreaming of a new custom deck but not sure what deck design ideas fit your lifestyle best? Check out this post for plenty of deck inspiration +15 fun ideas.

Tropical hardwood custom deck with glass railing overlooking mountains

If you are thinking of building a deck, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone deserves a backyard private getaway, a place to unwind and feel a gentle breeze running through your hair. 

A deck is a place to savor the great outdoors for a cup of coffee at sunrise by yourself. Or a place to gather with friends and loved ones to make memories together away from the grass and fire ants.

To build the deck of your dreams, why not think about custom deck design? You don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter 10x10 foot deck that looks like everyone else’s. Choose a design with the space and functionality you need and want.

What is a deck?

A deck is generally built in the back of a home as a raised platform that functions as an outdoor living space and entertaining area. It’s often a place where the indoors meets the outdoors and the two can intermingle.

A deck is often made of wood although other materials can also be used. And it is usually uncovered, although deck coverings can make outdoor living even better.

Deck design ideas

We’d like to share some of our favorite backyard deck ideas in the post to provide you with some inspiration before you decide on your deck design.

Finding the right deck for you is all about choosing the right decking material, deck shape and style, and functional areas that perfectly fit your goals and lifestyle. 

Choosing the right decking material

Popular deck materials include pressure-treated wood, metal, plastic, composite decking. Wood deck designs look stunning when stained beautifully or made with untreated woods like redwood, cedar, or—for the ultimate in luxury—tropical hardwoods.

Or get over-the-top with your custom deck and add glass inserts, glass walkways, or glass blocks for a huge “wow” factor.

There’s no rule that you have to stick with all one material. Deck designers often choose multiple levels with different materials like a combination of stamped concrete for a patio level then wood decking or composite for a raised platform or two. 

If lumber shortages are an issue in your area, opt for a steel frame to make your deck extremely sturdy and completely impervious to rot and insects. Then choose from metal, wood, or composite decking. Some metal decking can even have tiles or stone laid on top for a very custom, high-end look.

custom deck built over a pool and water fountain feature

Deciding on functional deck areas

What specific purposes will each area of your deck serve for you and your family? Do you want to create a spectacular focal point for your custom deck?

15 Cool deck design ideas to consider:

  1. Outdoor living space and seating area for outdoor furniture.
  2. Outdoor dining area with space for a table and chairs.
  3. Entertainment zone with a TV.
  4. Gathering place with an outdoor fireplace, or fire pits.
  5. Outdoor kitchen area and/or grilling area.
  6. Deck bar for entertaining.
  7. Playground with a slide from the deck or rock wall.
  8. Sandbox on or under the deck.
  9. Custom playhouse for the kids under the deck.
  10. Hot tub area.
  11. Water fountain, koi pond, waterfalls, or other water features.
  12. Poolside lounging beside a luxury pool.
  13. Custom deck planters for seasonal flowers or growing vines. 
  14. A bridge over a garden or water feature connecting deck platforms.
  15. A glass walkway or inserts with LED lights.

Planning your deck shape and style

Of course, you can go the traditional route with a square or large rectangle-shaped deck. Or, if you are more adventurous, find your own stunning, designer deck design with curves, circles, or a multi-level deck with many platforms.

Most decks sit directly against the home as a gateway from inside to outside. But decks can also be completely separate from the house out in the backyard enhanced by a gazebo, or situated by the pool, or near a stream or pond for the best view on your property.

Don’t limit yourself to one color. Choose a contrasting color for your deck’s border. Or make patterns with contrasting stains or different colored composite boards for a unique effect. Coordinate your outdoor decor and lighting with the color and style of your deck for a professional look.

Stacked Stone Columns For Patio Under Deck With Lake View 1

Second story deck ideas 

If you have a walk-out basement and another story above it, think about a raised deck with a patio below. With the right deck floor above, your patio area can be waterproof and protected from the elements like this one in a recent project of ours above.

Or create a two-story deck that is all wood or all composite with access on the first and second floor. Wouldn’t it be luxurious to have a large deck off of your master bedroom and a level below for entertaining with a view of your favorite lake?

custom deck with pergola roof near water and mountains

Covered deck ideas

Not excited about an open-air deck? No worries. Choose from a variety of deck coverings to shelter you from the sun or rain for your deck project.

  • Pergola—as pictured above with open slats that provide some shade or a place for romantic climbing vines. 
  • Shade sails—colorful fabric strung from columns or poles near the deck provide shade.
  • Awning— a large piece of fabric (or multiple strips of fabric on a pergola) that can be raised or lowered as needed to provide shade.
  • Pavilion or Gazebo—these sturdy structures have full roofs made of metal or even shingles to protect from the elements.
  • Roof extension—picture a large porch for a completely covered experience.

Having some shade or protection from the elements makes your living area a lot more comfortable and useful throughout the year which makes it a better investment for you.

Asian gazebo-style deck with curtains overlooking pond with lilypads

Deck privacy ideas

If you’d like to have some privacy in your backyard oasis, there are a lot of ways to achieve it with style.

Privacy for your deck area

  • Deck curtains 
  • Weather-resistant blinds
  • Movable shutters
  • Privacy screens

Privacy for the whole yard

  • Privacy hedges/trees
  • Privacy fences 

Enclosed deck ideas

If you want a little less “great outdoors” and more comfort, opt for an enclosed deck like a screened-in deck (or screened-in back porch). This keeps the pests out of your relaxation. 

For even more weather-proofing or climate control, think about a glassed-in deck. If you want to see nature but not be in it, maybe what you really want is a sunroom or conservatory.

Rear Exterior White Siding House 1

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