Published: Feb 03, 2021 | Updated: Feb 03, 2021

How to Create Farmhouse Chic Style for Your Home

Looking for a timeless home decor that's easy to live with? Farmhouse Chic style may just be your ticket!


When you begin to design your dream home, it’s important to know what style of home decor you want to showcase. The architectural style needs to complement your interior design so that they mesh seamlessly into a cohesive, welcoming design.

Millions of people choose farmhouse style, modern farmhouse, and/or farmhouse chic style for their home decor. It’s such a timeless look that makes people feel right at home.

What Is Farmhouse Chic Style Decor?

Farmhouse chic is a wonderful balance of design styles that creates a rustic, relaxed, yet contemporary atmosphere. It’s much warmer and more comforting than minimalism. But not as old-timey as pure country style or rustic style might be.

Modern farmhouse style coordinates clean lines, multiple layers of texture, neutral paint colors/color palettes, and natural finishes. The result is a classy, timeless style full of personality and character whether it is for a fixer-upper or a new custom home.


How to Decorate with Farmhouse Chic 

Farmhouse chic decor is easy to achieve. When you want a stylish home improvement, just mix a combination of the following decor ideas:

  • Distressed wood
  • Reclaimed wood ceiling beams
  • Multiple textures
  • Shiplap accents, walls, backsplashes, and ceilings
  • Casual feel with old bricks and old (or old-looking) hardwood floors
  • White walls
  • Brightly colored quilts and pops of accent colors
  • Antique frames, pitchers, vases, and decorations mixed with contemporary ones
  • Barn doors and whimsical barn accents
  • Large pendant lights 
  • A mix of different non-matching metal finishes
  • Solid colors and graphic patterns for accents
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Arranging a Farmhouse Chic Bedroom

Farmhouse style is dreamy in a bedroom. The dark, worn or distressed wood on the floor or the furniture harmonizes well with bright, crisp white beadboard and beams in the ceiling. Add some flowing white drapes, a soft area rug, and a vintage chandelier and you have a tranquil escape from the world all to yourself.

Farmhouse chic bedding makes the room pop with handmade stitched patterns, quilts, and strong accent colors to complement the neutral color palette of the room.


Cooking Up a Farmhouse Chic Kitchen

If a country kitchen feels too rustic, a modern farmhouse kitchen may be just the ticket. You get to have all the beauty and charm of the country and all the luxury of modern design. 

Bring out the farmhouse in your kitchen with exposed wood beams in the ceiling, shaker cabinets, and a beautiful kitchen island with fun, farmhouse themed trim. Enjoy the wonder of a big, deep farmhouse sink—stainless steel, white, or even a pastel shade. And choose fixtures that offer a nod to the farmhouses of yesteryear. 

Spice things up with your choice of farmhouse chic wall decor and countertop decorations and some breezy white curtains.

For extra farmhouse flair, consider some open shelving and sturdy bench seating for a cozy breakfast nook.

Combine the nostalgia of the farm with the bling of stainless steel appliances, LED lighting, gorgeous natural stone countertops, and all the luxury you could desire in the 2020s. That’s what makes this style chic.


Creating a Farmhouse Chic Bathroom

To create a modern farmhouse bathroom, you need a mix of the old and the new. A free-standing sculptural or clawfoot tub is a great place to start. Mix in some actual distressed wood or wood-like tile for that rustic feel.

Create a clean effect with white walls, white wood, wood accents, and a combination of metal finishes. Maybe even mix in some patterned tile in the shower or on the floor.

For a bit more “farmhouse” feel add some black light sconces on both sides of the mirror and a farmhouse sink on an old distressed dresser. Choose a worn wooden stool, and maybe pillar candles or black lanterns for mood lighting. 

A few well-chosen vintage accents plus some contemporary design brings home the farmhouse chic effect you’ll love.


Designing a Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

White walls and rustic hardwood floors provide the canvas. Then vintage furniture with a bench on one side and an oversized pendant help this dining room achieve a farmhouse chic feel. 

Add your own farmhouse decor like freshly cut glass vases of flowers, antique china, and just the right accent pieces made of natural materials to round out the effect.


Upgrading to a Farmhouse Chic Living Room

To create a farmhouse chic living room, choose light, airy colors like white or pale blue. Go with white furniture, pale wood finishes, and textured hardwood floors. A Craftsman style home works well for this look.

Design a shiplap accent wall or shiplap wall above the fireplace as the focal point for the room. Choose organic fabrics and neutral colors with occasional pops of accent colors.

Consider old-timey, rustic looking LED chandeliers. A Persian rug, and comfy, cushioned furniture. The effect should be relaxed, simple, easy-to-live-in, and cohesive.

Consider an exposed stone wall, exposed brick, or distressed wood ceiling. By adding a few industrial fixtures and furniture pieces, you could even go in an industrial farmhouse style direction very easily.


Making a Place for Whimsical Barn Doors

Whether you decide to use a sliding barn door for the pantry, as pictured above, or for your home office or master bath, a barn door adds an immeasurable amount of character and charm to your farmhouse chic style home.

They are simple and easy to use. They don’t swing out and take up floor space. And with just one fluid motion, you can quickly cover up things you don’t want to be seen. Like your walk-in pantry. Or you can quickly achieve privacy in your home office for a Zoom call.

(Note the beautiful farmhouse sink in the image above, as well!)


What Is Shabby Chic Farmhouse Style?

You can take Farmhouse Chic in several directions. One popular option is to put a Shabby Chic spin on it.

Shabby chic farmhouse decor embraces the whimsy of the farmhouse style and infuses it with even more romantic pops of color and distressed pieces to create more character. It is a combination of elegance and rustic style. The effect is casual, yet sophisticated.

The furnishings are still comfortable with many neutral colors as a base. Then treasured collections of vintage pieces (like antique watches, clocks, books, milk jugs, etc…) and antique furniture combine to bring a variety of textures, ornaments, and a dreamy mix of old and new.

Each home is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you can continually add to as you find more treasures to fill in your look.

Ready to Create Your Own Farmhouse Chic Dream House in Lexington, SC?

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