Build On Your Lot

Want to Build on Your Own Land?

Whether you inherited a piece of property or simply found the perfect location for your dream home, building on your own lot is a great way to go for many custom-home buyers.

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Buying a Lot First Can Bring a Lot of Advantages

  • Location

    With your own lot, you determine your location—whether you have a view of a pond, a lake, a river, hills, fields, woods, or mountains. You get to choose the view you will enjoy hopefully for many years. You may want to choose an area with a lot more freedom—much greater privacy, more land, and more freedom to build exactly what you want without restrictions

  • Orientation

    When you buy your own lot before you build, you can determine the orientation of your home to the sun which can drastically lower your electric bills if done properly. You can decide which rooms should face south to get the brunt of the direct sunlight and which rooms will face north and receive only indirect natural light. You can also evaluate the direction of breezes and the alignment of your porch, deck, or windows to the normal direction of the wind. This allows you to take advantage of any cross-breezes for a porch or for certain windows.

  • Zoning

    You may decide to live in an area where the land is zoned for horses, donkeys, goats, or other animals. And you can make sure you have space and zoning permission for a guest house, RV, boat storage, or large garage.

  • Land Evaluation

    You can actually adjust your house plans to the land to make sure you utilize the land optimally. You can choose your elevation and whether you are in a potential flood plain or not. So if you are concerned about flooding issues, you can opt for a lot that is high up on a hill far away from any historic flood areas.

  • Privacy

    When you buy your own lot, you get to see decide how close you want your neighbors to be and how much you’ll be able to see their houses from inside your home. You’ll also want to determine how much privacy you will have, as well.

  • Commute

    Maybe you inherited a wonderful piece of family land that is close to other family members. Or perhaps you want to build a house to be close to work, church, friends, shopping, or dining. If you value a short commute, you can build near your job or near the city. If you love to have a lot of space and don’t mind a drive you can build farther out in a rural area.

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Lot

  • Are there utility hookups for electricity, water, sewer, and gas?
  • Will you need a septic tank? If so, is the soil able to support one? What type of septic tank will you need?
  • Will you need to have a well drilled?
  • How much prep-work will the land need before building?
  • Is the lot suitable for the type of house you desire to build? Can it accommodate a basement?
  • Are there any drainage issues that need to be addressed?
  • What costs are involved with tapping into any existing utilities?
  • Is the land under any restrictions or conservation easements?
  • What are the property taxes each year?
  • What rights and titles are included?
  • Are cell-service and WiFi available?
  • Are there any environmental/contamination issues?


Buying land can be a bit complicated sometimes, so if you want to buy your own lot, it may be wise to use the expertise of a reliable realtor who knows the land and housing market in your area. A great real estate agent can help you avoid a lot of pitfalls as you find land so you can build on your lot.

Once you have the real estate you that meets your family’s needs, get in touch with us.


Once you have a contract with us, we can evaluate your land and let you know if it will work for the house you want to build there. We can make sure the soil is in good shape, that the drainage is right, that you have all of the access you need to water, sewer, and electric.

Then we can get started building your dream home in your dream location. You may already have house plans in mind, or you can talk with us about the floor plans we have available and how you can customize them to fit your family’s needs and preferences.

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