Moving Tips for Across Town or Across the Country

Whether you are moving a long-distance across the country or just moving across town, the process can be overwhelming. Getting a bit of moving help and wisdom may ease your stress.

The fun part is—arriving at your brand new custom home and beginning a glorious new chapter of your life.

But first, you have to get through the moving experience with all of the organizing, packing, bubble wrap, moving expenses, cleaning, interstate moving companies, truck rentals, your old home closing, the new home closing, keeping the moving trucks together, and unpacking. And let’s not forget the actual trip.

Throw in some pets and children and things get quite interesting. Especially if you are attempting a two-thousand mile trip with cats in the car.

  • Before or as you pack, go through your belongings and start a pile of things to give away, sell, or throw away. You will thank yourself later!
  • If you have enough things to donate, or you are donating furniture and large items, some charities will bring a box truck to pick up your items at no charge to you.

Because we are a custom home builder that cares about your sanity and would like to help reduce your anxiety level, we’d like to offer our best moving tips.

Moving Hacks


  • Pack spices and other smaller items in cooking ware.
  • If you have a silverware organizer, wrap it in plastic wrap and move all the silverware in the organizer.
  • Use t-shirts or towels to wrap breakables.
  • Keep liquid soaps, shampoos, and cleaning supplies in separate boxes from other items.
  • Put a styrofoam plate between each breakable plate.
  • Pull a clean sock over each glass or piece of stemware.
  • Open bottles of liquids and wrap the top with plastic wrap then screw the lid back on to stop leaking.


  • Keep hanging clothes on their hangers and group them in 10s or 20s in white kitchen garbage bags.
  • Roll up your folded clothes to prevent wrinkles.
  • Remove drawers and wrap the tops with plastic wrap.


  • Take a picture of the back of the TV and other electronic devices before you remove the cords.
  • Use twist ties, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, or electrical cable straps to organize cords.
  • Label your cords to avoid headaches later.


  • Color code and label your boxes by room (make sure words are visible on the sides).
  • Put a rubber band around the end of your hammer when you remove nails from the wall to avoid scuffs.
  • Use zippered plastic bags for small, loose items.
  • Consider using a moving app.
  • Pack books or other heavy things in rolling suitcases.
  • Use folded, thick towels under heavy furniture to keep from scuffing hard floors.
  • Take a picture of the items in each box before sealing them. Keep track of which number each box/picture is.
  • Keep an open bin full of snacks on a counter when you are packing up your old house and at the new house as you unpack.


  • Talk with your vet about whether your pets may need a prescription sedative to help them make a long journey.
  • Keep your pet in a crate while in your vehicle.
  • For cats, try using Feliway to help keep him/her calm.
  • Keep the new stimuli as low as possible in the new home.
  • Be slow to introduce new people.
  • Consider giving the pet one “safe room” to start with if the pet is very anxious.
  • Try to maintain your normal routine as much as possible.
  • For dogs, take the dog for walks in your new neighborhood ahead of time, if possible.
  • Provide plenty of time for exercise for dogs on a long journey.


  • Pack the toiletries, medicine, and clothes you and your family will need for a few days.
  • Place all important documents in zippered plastic bags.
  • Pack extremely valuable jewelry and other valuable items in a portable safe in your trunk, if possible.

Living Space With Fireplace And Built In Cabinets

Long-Distance Moving

Some extra special considerations are needed when you are moving cross country hundreds or thousands of miles.

  • Choose movers that have very high reviews.
  • Make sure the moving company understands any laws and requirements when crossing the state lines you will need to cross. It may be wise to check on those ahead of time.
  • Consider a moving insurance policy.
  • If you will have more than one moving truck, they could arrive days apart. So try to determine when each will arrive ahead of time, if possible. You’ll want to be there when they load and unload, if possible.
  • Ask about any extra charges or fees.
  • Consider whether you will need to ship your car.
  • Verify that the company has your cell phone number and the correct address for delivery.

Eligibility for Moving Expenses Tax Deduction

Until 2018, people who moved could file moving expenses deductions on their form 1040 on their tax for that year.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed this tax rule. Now generally only active-duty US military members can deduct the cost of these expenses on their taxes.

Moving to South Carolina

If you are moving from out-of-state, you may want to consider using a full-service moving company. They can make moving day a whole lot easier by doing all of the packing and unpacking for you.

South Carolina is a welcoming state with plenty of Southern Hospitality, sunshine, mild winters, and hot summers. Property taxes are relatively low. The people are friendly here and there are plenty of fun things to do around the Columbia area. And if you love the mountains or the beach, both are just 2 hours away!

Many people from Columbia, SC, and all over the country choose to move to Lexington, SC because Lexington is one of the best areas in the South for young professionals, growing families, and retirees.


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