Ready to Build a House on Your Own Lot?

Have you decided to build a home on your lot rather than buy an existing home? Maybe you have found the perfect piece of property for your dream home. Now you are looking for the next steps in building a home on your land.

Buying land can be a bit complicated sometimes, so if you want to buy your own lot, it may be wise to use the expertise of a reliable realtor who knows the land and housing market in your area. A great real estate agent can help you avoid a lot of pitfalls as you find land so you can build on your lot.

Once you have the real estate you that meets your family’s needs, get in touch with your custom home builder. He will come look at your land to be sure it will work with what you want to build on it.

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10 great reasons to buy a lot first and then build a home

  1. You can determine the orientation of your home to the sun which can drastically lower your electric bills if done properly.
  2. You can evaluate the direction of breezes and the alignment of your porch, deck, or windows to the normal direction of the wind.
  3. You get to see decide how close you want your neighbors to be and how much you’ll be able to see their houses from inside your home.
  4.  You can orient your home so that your living area and kitchen have the best view in the house.
  5. You determine your location—whether you are on the water, if you are in town or in the country, and you get to decide what neighborhood you want to live in.
  6. You may want to choose an area with a lot more freedom—much greater privacy, more land, and more freedom to build exactly what you want or to have more kinds of animals if you live in a more rural area.
  7. Maybe you inherited a wonderful piece of family land that is close to other family members. Or maybe you want to build close to certain friends.
  8. You pick the landscape and vegetation you prefer. If you love old hardwood trees and want to build in a forested area, you can choose a lot with the perfect grown trees, slope, or topography.
  9. You can actually adjust your house plans to the land to make sure you utilize the land optimally.
  10. You can choose your elevation and whether you are in a potential flood plain or not.


What are the next steps in building a house?

Finding a custom builder you can trust is really key. You want someone with plenty of experience with helping people who have land to build on. A good builder can evaluate your land and let you know if it will work for the house you want to build there.

Your builder will do a lot of testing, eventually, to determine that the soil is in good shape, that the drainage is right, that you have all of the access you need to water, sewer, and electric.

Then you can work with your home builder in SC to determine which house plan will be best as you build a house on your lot. That’s the great thing about a custom home, you have so much freedom and flexibility to make everything perfect for your family’s desires.

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How does the building process work?

Every builder has his own process. But generally, it will look like this:

  1. The builder has a consultation with the buyer to discuss their goals and decide if they are a good fit for each other.
  2. The buyer hires an architect to design plans or chooses from plans the builder has in stock.
  3. The buyer and builder work through the buyer’s vision for the home and the buyer selects materials, finishes, and colors for every part of the house.
  4. The buyer and builder create a tentative budget.
  5. The builder and buyer have a pre-construction meeting to determine the orientation of the home and to evaluate the land.
  6. Construction begins.
  7. A final walkthrough for the builder and buyer to agree that everything has been completed satisfactorily.

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