8 Features to Include in Your Luxury Master Bedroom in 2021

This is your year! Your time to create the perfect master bedroom of your dreams. We’d love to help you find new master bedroom design ideas to add serious luxury to your master bedroom suite.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of our favorite master bedroom ideas for 2021!

1. Open Master Suite

One of the hottest trends for 2021 in master suites is an open-concept master bedroom with a bathroom. In this type of master plan, as shown in the image above, the bedroom and bathroom have very little separating them, if anything.

Sometimes, there may be a glass wall between the bedroom and bathroom and no doors, just openings in the wall. Other times, there may not be any separation between the two at all or merely an archway. Or, there may be a small separate room for the toilet, but the vanities, free-standing bathtub, and shower may be part of the master bedroom.

This concept allows for a sense of grandeur, glamour, and airiness. It’s easier for natural light to flood both areas in the daytime. 

In a modern home design, you may even opt for sliding glass walls from the bedroom suite to a deck, patio, or screened-in porch outside. If privacy is a concern, you can choose to coat the glass walls, windows, or doors with privacy film. Or, even better, you can create a gorgeous private courtyard with beautiful landscaping directly outside your master suite with a privacy wall.

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2. A Master Bedroom Fireplace

As you imagine irresistible bedroom ideas, don’t forget to consider a custom fireplace. Yes, in your master suite! Fireplaces aren’t just for the common spaces. This is a trend for 2021 we can definitely get behind.

Picture a stone accent wall with a glorious gas fireplace just across a fuzzy area rug from your bed. Could there be anything more romantic than that?

You can even set the timer for 30-60 minutes so you don’t have to get back out of bed later to turn it off.

Choose a wood-burning fireplace and enjoy the scent of the woodsmoke and warmth of the fire in your own private escape from the world.

Or, what about a two-way or corner fireplace that sits between your master bedroom and master bathroom that you can enjoy from the bed, the seating area, or the tub? A master suite like that is what dreams are made of.

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3. Creative Master Bedroom Ceilings

Ceilings are getting a lot of attention in 2021. The image above features a shiplap ceiling with beams, perfect for farmhouse or cottage ceilings.

Other popular options are lighted tray ceilings, cathedral ceilings with exposed beams made of reclaimed wood, or coffered ceilings. Or for something extremely glamorous, opt for a circular dome.

With high ceilings, wallpapered ceiling accents create a stunning effect, especially between the millwork of a coffered ceiling. Other options to consider include textured ceiling panels, antique embossed metal tiles, or, perhaps modern geometric designs.

Homeowners are getting bolder and more creative with textures, colors, and personalized designs this year as they want to optimize their homes more than ever.

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4. A Custom Master Bedroom Closet

As you think through elegant master bedroom ideas for your closet, there are quite a few options. Of course, you can go with traditional his and hers closets or walk-in closets.

More exciting than that, however, is either a dressing room or an open-concept closet.

Dressing room

Pictured above, a beautiful dressing room. Half of the room provides closet space for him and half for her. Although, you could each have your own dressing room if you wish. The custom closet has interior lighting to make selecting your garment choices quick and easy. And the glass doors keep your clothing dust-free.

Open closet

With an open closet, the master bedroom layout is a bit different. Often, the bed is against a partial wall and there are openings on each side of that wall that go to the closet. But there are no doors. Sometimes, the wall may be opaque. Or it could be glass, whichever you prefer.

The closet, itself, could be organized much like the dressing room, above, so that it looks neat and in order at all times, as you can see it from the bedroom.

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5. Custom Master Bedroom Lighting

Fantastic new lighting options for 2021 include master bedroom chandeliers, flickering wall sconces, and LED accent lighting.

LED lighting works well under platform beds, behind the bed on an accent wall with recessed panels, in custom shelves/cubbies, for a wet bar (as shown above), or along a tray ceiling.

In the South, master bedroom ceiling fans are always popular in master suites. Many people just can’t sleep without one. Thankfully, there are many stylish options to choose from with or without lighting.

We also love recessed lighting for the ambient lighting in a master bedroom and table lamps for accent lighting. Recessed lights in the lower part of the ceiling along the wall can create a stunning art gallery lighting effect.

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6. A Glorious Master Bedroom Accent Wall

Accent walls are big this year as homeowners are looking for luxury, textured walls, bold wallpaper, and extensive millwork for the wall behind the bed. The accent wall may often be the primary form of bedroom decor, taking the place of—or accenting—dramatic artwork.

Textured Walls As Accents

You’ve got many options if you’d like a textured accent wall in your master bedroom.

  • Oversized padded fabric upholstered headboard attached to the wall to complement the bedroom set.
  • Wood accent wall behind the bed, as shown in the image above.
  • Textured wallpaper like embossed solid colored wallpaper
  • Custom molding or intricate millwork as a focal point in the room.
  • One large marble accent wall or marble slab inserts.

If you want to have a dramatic accent wall behind your bed, a poster bed may not be the best choice for furniture. It may distract from the effect. For a very bold wall, consider a platform bed that will complement and flow into the wall behind it.

Best colors for master bedroom 2021

In 2021, neutral colors are still very popular although there is a shift from gray to more earthy tones and other pale, simple colors. White walls create an airy space that draws the eye’s attention to the accent wall and furniture in your modern bedroom.

Choose bolder colors for your accent wall and wallpaper. But even then, remember to keep the bedroom vibe tranquil and not too busy or distracting.

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7. A Master Bedroom with Sitting Area

A master suite with a small living room or seating area is a must-have. Sitting on the bed to talk can be uncomfortable and awkward. It’s much better to have a place where you can sit comfortably and talk with your spouse without having to sit cross-legged.

Add a floor lamp to a cozy chair in the corner and create your own private reading nook. If you have space, include a full-size couch by a wall of windows. What a perfect place to read in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand.

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8. A Stylish Desk in the Master Bedroom

Bedroom trends in 2021 also include having a desk in the master suite. Many people are working from home or work at home at least part of the time. It can be handy to have a corner of your bedroom dedicated to an easy-to-access workspace.

Of course, it may be even more ideal to have a completely separate home office. But if you have a long day of work, sometimes it’s nice to be able to access your laptop at a small desk in your beautiful master bedroom, as well.

Or, skip the desk and just go for the built-in wet bar for the master bedroom, instead.

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