New Home Design Trends for 2021

The year 2020 brought abrupt changes to new home design trends and we are seeing homeowners continue to want new house plans and designs in response to the dramatic changes in our lifestyles. New construction homes, including custom homes, are booming right now as the housing market continues to be very hot in many suburban and rural areas.

People have new-found mobility as many more are working from home. They want to have more space in their homes and outside for their families. This reality dramatically impacts real estate, home buying, and home design as people expect more from their homes than ever before.

Here are our predictions for home design ideas trending in 2021.

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2021

In 2021, luxury house plans are sure to include amenities like:

Modern Outdoor Kitchens and Larger Outdoor Living Areas

Homeowners want lots of opportunities to be able to enjoy the outdoors year-round: balconies, terraces, porches, screened-in back porches, decks, patios, verandas, and pools are all going to be extremely popular.

People want more space outside to enjoy nature and to get out of the house for a change in rhythm and scenery. They want to have outdoor spaces with fireplaces or fire pits to relax with friends and family. They want custom outdoor kitchens, outdoor living spaces, outdoor dining rooms, swimming pools, and outdoor play areas.

Sunrooms and Indoor Gardens

Natural light will continue to be at the top of homebuyers’ wishlists. People want to feel like they are part of nature from inside their homes. A large sunroom or atrium would be ideal. But even in other rooms, buyers will want massive, panoramic windows, more sunlight, and living plants inside and outside the home. A view of the outdoors will be the focal point rather than furnishings for many homeowners.

A connection to nature can feel soothing and grounding to everyone in the family. The trend is growing to have an indoor gardens which provide a big mood boost to everyone in the home.

Custom Millwork

Board and batten look classy on the exterior of a home. But it looks timelessly gorgeous inside for accent walls, entire rooms, or wainscoting. Intricate millwork accent walls and wainscoting will be popular in 2021.

Antimicrobial Materials

People want finishes and materials that are easy to clean and that help keep family members and loved ones healthy. Polished concrete, laminates, mismatched metals, and glass will be popular. Copper doorknobs and copper faucets will take center stage in many luxury homes.

Walk-in butler's pantry in kitchen

Multi-functional Spaces

Kitchens will be larger with extra storage and multi-functional space for studying or working. People want over-sized, walk-in pantries for the kitchen. And maybe some flex rooms adjacent to the kitchen with doors that can be closed, if needed.

Larger laundry rooms with plenty of storage will be popular multi-purpose spaces that can also provide space for a home office or study areas.

In-Law Suites

Families are living together with multiple generations more often, whether it is grown children staying at home or elderly parents moving in with adult children. Buyers want homes with two master suites, a basement apartment for loved ones, or even a separate cottage in the back yard.

More Distinct Living Spaces

The open floor plan concept works great when people go away during the day to school and work. But with so many family members being home all day and needing privacy for online meetings, more walls and doors will be coming this year to home plans across the board.

People want more glass walls to provide some sound-proofing but still allow natural light to come through. And, it can be helpful for parents who work from home to be able to see their children through a glass window or wall while they work and the children play.

Home Gyms and Exercise Spaces

Many homeowners want a separate room for exercise equipment in the home. They want space for stationary bikes, treadmills, or ellipticals. And they want room for weight-lifting machines and equipment.

Custom Home Playgrounds

Parents want their kids to be able to enjoy playing outside even when they can’t go to a public park or playground. So many parents are investing in elaborate playground equipment, obstacle courses, climbing walls, and outdoor sporting areas for their children.

Some people combine the deck and playground to have a custom built-in playhouse under the deck or swings under the deck. They incorporate a large slide from the deck to the ground below. And install a rock-climbing wall for the kids to use to climb back up to the deck level.

Double kitchen islands with pendant lighting

Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

People want personality in their dream kitchens and individuality. Instead of making a kitchen look perfect for a magazine, they want it to be inviting, personalized, casual, and comfortable.

Double Everything.

Double kitchen islands. Double sinks. Double dishwashers. Double food-prep areas. Double separate single ovens. With many more families living together with multiple generations, homeowners want more work stations in the kitchen to share the load.

Bold Colors 

Some kitchens in 2021 will have bold color all over. Sometimes, people will choose to bring in a splash of color with the lower cabinets, the backsplash, or the kitchen island cabinets. Also, natural materials are coming in this year like wood countertops with great personality and character. People will look for bold colors or patterns with more wood and warm earthy tones like olive green, dusty blue, browns, and mineral-related hues and wallpaper is making a huge comeback.

Butler Pantry Luxury

Instead of being used for fine china and silver, it is a second food prep and staging area, and a great place for another microwave, the coffee maker, and additional storage, or even a wet bar. In many homes, the butler’s pantry will connect the kitchen and dining room to make a perfect place for serving guests.

Hidden Appliances

People want all the convenient appliances like coffee machines, food processors, and steamers. But they want clear counters and clean lines in the kitchen. So homeowners are opting for built-in coffee stations, appliance garages, or large drawers for big appliances to keep them off the counter.

Instead of microwaves over the range, many are choosing to have a microwave drawer so they can have a fancy, more powerful, custom range hood with shiplap or other wood accents, instead.

Pet-Friendly Kitchen Islands

Buyers are more interested than ever in homes that accommodate their pets’ needs. They ask for built-in dog beds and pet stations in kitchen islands or cabinets. A recessed, built-in feeding area or feeding drawers are convenient. Or a pet bed nook or dog crate under the kitchen island lets your furry family member be part of the group without tripping you up.

Luxury bathroom with stand alone sculptured tub and marble floor

Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

Homeowners are looking for large, tiled custom walk-in showers with custom shower enclosures and customized shower benches in their master bathrooms. Or they also prefer wet rooms with free-standing tubs rather than a tub/shower combination or a standard-sized shower beside a whirlpool tub. The idea is to have large showers that have no barriers to access and to have multiple shower heads for total luxury and a spa-like experience.

People are also more interested than ever in touchless faucets, touchless toilets, and antimicrobial materials like copper for fixtures and doorknobs.

Home Office Design Trends for 2021

Home office set up is critical for most homebuyers this year. Buyers want one or even two dedicated home offices with closing doors for privacy. They need an attractive and professional area for Zoom calls or other online calls. And they need an area that is relatively sound-proof in case other family members are also talking online in adjacent rooms.

Others may choose to create a cloffice””which is a small foldaway office in a closet or under the stairs.

Kids’ Bedroom Design Trends for 2021

Kids’ rooms will feature whimsical, brightly colored murals or geometric patterns this year.

Most parents want a separate playroom their children can share. But some children’s rooms will have multi-functional space for play areas or learning spaces, as well.

Kids’ rooms get a boost in 2021 with modern, LED lighting, loft beds, and flashy metals like silvers and coppers to add sophistication.  Natural fabrics and materials create an organic atmosphere to balance the room and make it comfortable and welcoming. Wallpaper prints will be big for children’s rooms this year, as will fun hanging chairs/swings.

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