Published: Mar 03, 2021 | Updated: Mar 25, 2021

8 Ways Reclaimed Wood Can Add Character to Your Home

Reclaimed wood continues to be one of the hottest trends in new custom home construction. We love the texture, warmth, and personality it adds to a dream home.

Reclaimed wood beam fireplace mantel|Blythe Custom Homes

Today, people want beautiful new homes that have personality, style, and substance. Rather than having a sterile home with 100% completely new materials, many home buyers opt for sustainable building materials like reclaimed wood to add warmth and a sense of history to their space. 

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

A good definition of reclaimed wood (or salvaged wood) might be wood that has been previously used in another structure.

Examples of reclaimed wood include salvaged wood planks from the siding of a barn, wooden beams used in an old house, original wood flooring from an old barn or factory, old wooden fencing, driftwood, or other weathered wood with an interesting story.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood in New Construction Homes?

People have plenty of reasons for wanting to use salvaged wood in their new custom homes. For those concerned with sustainability, the wood is eco-friendly and matches well with the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy. The texture and weathering add a sense of depth and character that can’t be matched in new materials.

For many people, reclaimed wood is a fascinating focal point for a modern home that has it all. All the technology, all the latest amenities, and even a splash of history.

Notched Rustic Wood Ceiling Beams Great Room Home Builder Sc

8 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Custom Home Design:

1. Wood beams from old buildings

Reclaimed timber is a stunning addition to a new home when used as exposed beams. Of course, you can use new beams, instead. But there is nothing like the sense of rugged beauty that comes with vintage timber beams.


2. Recycle old wood flooring

Reclaimed hardwood flooring can be an incredible addition to your contemporary new home. If you can find a reclaimed floor from a barn or factory like pine flooring, old wide plank flooring that is in good shape, or a vintage hardwood floor can sometimes be repurposed for a new home either as flooring, wall paneling, or other reclaimed wood projects.


3. A vintage wood mantel

There is something so nostalgic and whimsical about using reclaimed wood for a fireplace. A knotty old beam of reclaimed pine or hardwood looks amazing with just about any kind of fireplace and sets the stage for a welcoming atmosphere.


4. Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets and/or kitchen island

Distressed wood cabinets are one of the most popular options for kitchen cabinets now. Even better—reclaimed wood cabinets. They are the most sustainable design for wood cabinets, already distressed, and ready to tell their story in your beautiful custom kitchen.

Pallet Wall Wood|reclaimed wood wall|Trevett's

5. Wood accent wall

A reclaimed wood accent wall or reclaimed wood backsplash are wonderful options. Use old pallets, as shown above, or use old wood flooring—like reclaimed oak floors—to create an interesting wall full of life and personality you'll adore for years to come.

Butcher block countertop insert in kitchen island|Blythe Custom Homes

6. Reclaimed wood countertops

Butcher block kitchen island countertops are a wonderful opportunity for using salvaged wood. Your builder can press the wood together and create a unique countertop or countertop insert just for you from new or vintage wood.

A reclaimed wood bathroom vanity is another fantastic way to use salvaged wood in a meaningful way in your new home. Use the old wood for the cabinetry or the countertop.

Wood ceiling and ceiling beams

7. Wood ceiling panelling

A ceiling with wood planks and beams is a stunning architectural statement in a great room, kitchen, or even a master suite. Choose from leaving the wood unfinished, sanding and staining, or painting the wood to create the effect you desire.

sliding reclaimed barn wood door

8. Old wood barn door

Barn doors are extremely popular this year—especially made of vintage barn wood. They can cover the opening to a butler’s pantry, your home office, or even form a sliding wall as shown in the home above. A perfect accent for Farmhouse Chic decor!

Kitchen Island Bar Marble Counter Home Builder Sc

Where to Buy Reclaimed Wood?

Your custom builder may know of a barn tear down or old factory tear down in your area that would be perfect for the kind of vintage wood you want for your new home. They may handle all the details of finding this amazing environmentally friendly building material for you.

Talk with them about the following sources, as well:

  • Old wood door
  • Reclaimed barn wood flooring
  • Reclaimed pallet wood
  • Driftwood
  • Old fencing
  • Old church pews
  • Old cabins/sheds

Or, you may have access to old wood that has sentimental value to you that you can ask your builder to use.

For more information on finding wood yourself, check this link on where to find reclaimed wood.

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