What are the Benefits of Using a Custom Home Builder?

Where you live is one of the most important decisions you will make. Buying a house is one of the greatest financial investments most people have. Building a new custom home, is a significant investment of your time, attention, and your specific dreams. This one decision will determine so many details of your family’s life together far into the future.

Do you go with a pre-existing home, prebuilt home, spec home, production home, or custom home? With so many options, it’s wise to think about the pros and cons of each possible choice.

The advantages and disadvantages of various types of homes involve four main issues

  • The initial costs to build and hidden long term costs.
  • The time a home buyer must wait to move into the home.
  • How much customization is available.
  • The quality of the work.

There are many benefits of choosing to build a custom home. Even though the cost upfront is generally a bit higher and the time you have to wait may be a bit longer, you get your exact dream home in the end. A custom built home is tailored just to you and your desires so it will be the perfect fit for your family.

17 benefits of choosing a custom home builder

You can:

  1. Be very involved in the entire building process.
  2. Have, essentially, unlimited freedom for floor plans, architecture, building materials, and design.
  3. Have one contact point and a streamlined building process.
  4. Design a green home and make it energy efficient.
  5. Hire your own architect or design your own house plan.
  6. Add custom features that aren’t available for other homes.
  7. Never have to settle for something you don’t want or don’t like.
  8. Include universal design so that accessibility is never a reason for you to have to leave your dream home in the future.
  9. Have a home that is unique, not a cookie cutter.
  10. Take advantage of the natural light and airflow on your lot and optimize land features.
  11. Choose superior quality than you could get with other homes as you can choose the materials, yourself.
  12. Have a home that fits your family’s specific needs now and in the future.
  13. Design your own custom landscaping and even water features, if you would like.
  14. Build on your own lot or almost anywhere you want to build.
  15. Have personal and sentimental satisfaction at seeing your dream become a reality.
  16. Have control over how much you spend.
  17. Potentially have lower costs over time.

Custom home gym

How could a custom home cost you less over time?

Well, you likely won’t have many maintenance expenses for the first ten years or more. If you do have problems, at first, it will probably be covered under your warranty.

You also will have the house that best fits your family’s needs for a floor plan and for accessibility. So you are much less likely to need to do renovations or to move to a different home in the future.

Another reason that it is better to build a custom home is that your new home can be so much more energy efficient and modern than a pre-existing home or even another kind of new home, (if you so choose). You can save quite a bit of money on monthly utility bills just for this reason.


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